Science Sense Tours


Visitors who are blind or partially sighted are invited to attend this program, held monthly in the Museum galleries. Specially trained Museum tour guides highlight specific themes and exhibition halls, engaging participants through extensive verbal descriptions and touchable objects.

Science Sense is free with Museum admission.

Wednesday, May 14th, 2:30 PM

Living Large

Join us on a big expedition throughout the Museum as we discuss and examine several larger than life icons such as, the blue whale, the giant sequoia, dinosaurs, and the 63-foot-long Great Canoe.

Wednesday, July 16th 2:30 PM

Mexico and Central America

Explore the cultures of the Olmec, Aztec and Maya. Discover their beliefs, gods, and myths in the Hall of Mexico and Central America.

Saturday, August 16, 10:00 AM

The Changing Seasons

Learn what causes weather, the change of seasons and its impact on different areas of North America in the David S. and Ruth L. Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth, The Hall of North American Forests, and the Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals.


Please see attached flyer for more info


Please note, this is not an FHF event.

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