Monday Daytime Workshop CANCELED! Night Workshop is Still ON But is in JEOPARDY!



All though we have received twenty RSVPs for the day workshop, to date only ONE PERSON has paid in advance. FHF cannot hold the workshop at this rate. Unfortunately, as a result we have been forced to cancel our DAY workshop.


Our NIGHT workshop is still being held, but it is also in danger of being canceled. Only two people have payed for that meeting.

If you are interested in attending, visit our website at The two events can be found in the right hand column of the website. Select the day you want to attend and register there. You can even pay online via PayPal or Credit Card (using the paypal button that the website will provide once you register)

If you have already registered but forgot to pay, you can click the donate via PayPal button and make a 10 dollar donation. You will be sent a paid invoice for a workshop ticket.

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