Families Helping Families (FHF) presents:

Monthly Special Education Workshop and Strategy Session

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about helping your special needs child! Special Ed Law – Learn the law and how to access the services available, so you can be the best advocate for your child. Your Rights– They’re your child’s rights! Learn how to protect them! Educate yourself– Allow us to translate the acronym ridden and mystical world of the DOE and IEP development into straight talk. Parenting Tips – Learn strategies to implement in your home that will support your child’s learning, independence and behavioral development. Discover the path to your child’s success!

This workshop will target all aspects of the public school special education system from Turning Five to Transition. The workshop will cover all federal and local laws governing special education. You will learn all of your rights and entitlements as a parent of a special education student.

WHEN: September 17th, 2015

10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Join us and learn:

  • Education Law and your rights
  • The Turning Five process
  • What a Functional Behavioral Assessment is and if your child needs one
  • What a Behavioral Intervention Plan is and if your child needs one
  • How to lay a foundation for appropriate service recommendations
  • How to get an ASD program screening
  • The criteria for a Para, CTT, general education with supports, self-contained, etc. for kindergarten
  • What the least restrictive environment is and what supports are available.
  • The differences between District 75 versus the Community School District

These workshops will be held at:

Elizabeth A. Connely Community Resource Center

930 Willowbrook Road, BLDG 41A

Staten Island, NY 10314

Cost $10 per person per workshop, non refundable. Light refreshments provided

To attend you must register at fhf@fhfnyc.org BY E-MAIL OR VIA OUR WEB SITE AT FHFNYC.ORG

Space Is Limited

For additional information please email or call the FHF office 718-227-2171

Brought to you by: Andrea Anna Lella CEO & Program Director Families Helping Families Resource and Recreation Center “We Believe In Angels” www.fhfnyc.org


See http://fhfnyc.org/events/?event_id=1652

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