CEC 31 Meeting on February 3rd


Here is some information about CEC 31’s February 3rd Meeting. Please forward all inquires about this meeting to CEC 31.

CEC 31 will be holding a Special Ed. Meeting on Monday February 3rd at 7 PM at Petrides with the Deputy Chancellor for Special Education Corinne Rello-Anselmi.  PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED FLYER. This meeting is open to the public and we hope you can attend.  In addition to the Deputy Chancellor, District Superintendent Jessica Jenkins will be there.  Our regular CEC 31 meeting has been moved to Monday, February 10th.

The meeting on February 3rd will address special education issues and concerns.  Past experience has shown that these meetings are very well attended.  Many parents come with hopes of speaking directly to the Deputy Chancellor in an effort to get help for their child.  There is never enough time for all the parents to speak directly to the Deputy Chancellor, so parents are sometimes asked to write their information onto small index cards, which are collected and followed-up at a later time.  This leaves parents feeling frustrated.

This time we would like to try something different.  We have created a special private email address that is only accessible by me.  This account is separate from all other email accounts.  The email address is SpecialEducationCEC31@gmail.com.  Any parent who needs help can send an email with 1) their contact information, 2) child’s name, 3) school and grade, 5) a description of the issue or concern (this could include special ed. services not being delivered OR services they feel are not truly addressing their child’s needs).  Rest assured that the information you send will be kept strictly confidential.

We will forward all emails directly to Deputy Chancellor Rello-Anselmi and Superintendent Jenkins for review prior to our February 3rd special ed. meeting.  If you do NOT want to address your concerns publicly at the meeting, please indicate this in your email.

It is our hope that sending your questions beforehand will help bring answers to the meeting and relieve the stress of struggling to get your concerns heard.  Parents who send an email will still have the opportunity to speak at the meeting and will not lose the chance to address the Superintendent and Deputy Chancellor in person.  Parents who cannot attend the meeting can use the email to have their concerns addressed.

We promise to get your messages to the Deputy Chancellor and the Superintendent.  We hope this new idea will help your children get the special ed. services they truly need.


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