Patrick Dalton – In Memoriam

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(March 2018)  Andrea Lella and everyone at Families Helping Families is truly saddened at the tragic loss of Patrick Dalton, whose family are close friends as well as clients of our child advocacy programs.  Patrick’s son Cian and his wife Eileen are dear to us.

Eileen’s sister Kelly has taken the astoundingly generous step of asking that those who wish to help and honor Patrick’s memory please make a donation in Patrick’s name to Families Helping Families. We are of course humbled, overwhelmed, and honored by this offer.  We are exceedingly grateful that the Dalton family is choosing to link our not-for-profit education and advocacy organization to the legacy of Patrick Dalton and his family.

Please consider the below link where Patrick’s friends and family can make any donation of their choosing. Regardless, we offer our deep condolences and our deepest thanks.

Andrea Lella and the team at Families Helping Families

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  1. Mauro Felipe says:

    I’m still in shock over this news. The last few years I spent in NYC Patrick was easily one of my best friends. He was probably the most honest person I knew, and he always had my back. Plus we had a blast together, always. Because of his faith in me (and Eileen’s) I was able to start a new professional path in life as well. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Patrick’s friendship. I wish you peace, my brother.