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Parent to Parent of NYS has started a Facebook Group called Bullying and Teasing: How can we make a difference?

We have posted a request for people to make brief YouTube videos and post them to the group. This is the purpose and description of the group.

We have been asked for assistance from the makers of the movie/documentary Bully. They want to build a community of people who aren’t afraid to talk about this issue of bullying. They are looking for families willing to make a brief 2 to 3 minute video and share their experience or their son’s or daughter’s experience. If they would do that, they should make a short video, and share the link to the uploaded You Tube video.
You can contact me at Or go tour Facebook page

Do you have folks who would be willing to do this? If so, please share this email with them and have them send the link to the uploaded YouTube video. They are particularly hoping to have some folks in NYC area.

Janice Fitzgerald
Executive Director
Parent to Parent of NYS

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