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NEW: The Staten Island Family website:

Melissa Chapman has been writing about family life on Staten Island since 2006, and penning the weekly print column Kids in the City for the Staten Island Advance since April 2007.

She has started this new website:  The Staten Island Family which shows you how the REAL Staten Island lives. She is passionate about our kids, culture, nature the environment and of course eating great food.

This site will explore all the hidden family gems Staten Island has to offer kids, couples, our pets and families. Of course we love a good giveaway so there will be plenty of those and a sprinkling of information about what’s going on outside our little borough.. you know in those five other ones in New York City and our sister state to the south, New Jersey. Please visit this new site and share your feedback.

You can find Families Helping Families events on Melissa’s new website too!


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