ReelAbilities NY Disabilities Film Festival — free screenings


Please note: This is NOT an FHF event, this is a forwarded message from GRASP.

This posting is for the ReelAbilities NY Disabilities Film Festival (March 6 – 11):

I am listing the films that, in my opinion, are probably of the greatest interest to the GRASP NYC community, either because they pertain to AS / autism or other developmental disabilities or else (in one case) involve sci-fi and technology.

As it happens, all of these will be shown at the Hunter College School of Social Work (on 119th St and 3rd Ave, near the 116th St stop on the Lexington Ave 6 line – call 212-396-7574 for further information). All screenings here are FREE and open to the public, unlike those at JCC Manhattan for which tickets must be purchased.

On Thursday March 6, they are showing:
at 5:00 PM – “Stand Clear of the Closing Doors”, about a boy with autism who gets lost in the NYC subways, and the short film “A Life with Aspergers”.
at 7:30 PM – “A Whole Lott More”, about a manufacturing company in Ohio that employs 1200 adults with developmental disabilities, and the short film “46/47”.

On Saturday March 8, they are showing:
at 1:30 PM – “Gabrielle”, about a singer in a group home for developmentally disabled adults who wants to have a relationship (against policy) with her boyfriend there, and the short film “Just as I Remember”.
at 4:30 PM – “Fixed: The Science / Fiction of Human Enhancement”, about technologies for “fixing” or enhancing the human body, and the short film “Sounds for Mazin”.


I plan to attend at some if not all of these.

Hope to see some of you there as well.



Karl Wittig


The Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership, Inc.

419 Lafayette Street

New York, NY 10003

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